X. Wu and D. O’Brien, “A Novel Handover Scheme for Hybrid LiFi and WiFi Networks”, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2020

Abstract: Combining the high transmission speed of light fidelity (LiFi) and the ubiquitous coverage of wireless fidelity (WiFi), hybrid LiFi and WiFi network (HLWNet) has attracted intensive research interest. While such a network can boost the system capacity, it faces a challenging issue in handover since the coverage areas of LiFi and WiFi completely overlap each other. Also, LiFi has a relatively short coverage range from a single access point (AP). As a result, HLWNets are susceptible to frequent handovers, in terms of both handovers between LiFi and WiFi and handovers between two LiFi APs. Therefore handover skipping was introduced, which enables handovers between two non-adjacent APs. Conventional handover skipping schemes rely on knowledge about the user’s trajectory, and are difficult to implement in practice. Alternatively, the rate of change in reference signal received power (RSRP) can be used to reflect the user’s moving direction. Based on this, an adaptive handover scheme is proposed in this paper, which varies the user’s network preference according to the user’s speed. Results show that in comparison with the standard and trajectory-based schemes, the proposed approach can improve user throughput by up to about 120% and 30%, respectively.


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