The Global LiFi congress took place on the 12th and 13th of June 2019 in Paris. It was composed of a scientific track, a business track and an exhibition. Compared to the previous year, the exhibition was focussed on high-speed LiFi systems, i.e. there were fewer products on OCC. First products were showcased in real applications. In the research track, ELIoT presented an invited talk given by Volker Jungnickel (HHI) introducing the goals and some directions of the project. Stephen Collins (Uni Oxford) gave a talk on the use of fluorescent concentrators for smartphones. In the business track, Marcos Martinez Vazquez (Maxlinear) and Volker Jungnickel (HHI) presented their views on the ongoing LiFi standardization activities in ITU-T and IEEE in a roundtable discussion. In the exhibition, Fraunhofer HHI presented a wireless video transmission with seamless handover between multiple LiFi frontends realized using a spatial diversity technique coordinated by a central unit. There was also a roll-up at the HHI booth for advertising the ELIoT project in the LiFi community, which caused significant interest. Several ELIoT members sent their delegates to the Global LiFi congress.

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