ELIoT partners were active in two task groups. 802.15.13 was lead by Volker Jungnickel (HHI). For the report, see https://mentor.ieee.org/802.15/dcn/19/15-19-0248-00-0013-tg13-meeting-minutes-for-atlanta-2019.docx. The group resolved comments against D4.1 and reviewed and discussed the status of clauses 4-10 in the draft. Kai Lennert Bober (HHI) presented further new text for the MAC. 802.11bb is in the pre-proposal phase. For the report, see https://mentor.ieee.org/802.11/dcn/19/11-19-0934-00-00bb-tgbb-meeting-minutes-for-may-2019-atlanta.docx. Kai Lennert Bober (HHI) presented an overview on an LC-optimized PHY proposal based on ITU-T G.9991 (G.vlc).  Volker Jungnickel (HHI) updated the evaluation methodology document.

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