LiFi for positioning

LiFi systems not only enable high data rates in environments with a large number of devices but also the precise determination of their position. This is made possible by the estimation of the signal delay between mobile devices and a number of LiFi nodes. In ELIoT, this is demonstrated in an industrial scenario to track the movement of an autonomous guided vehicle, which is being used in the transportation of goods within a factory. ELIoT will demonstrate that LiFi-based positioning offers high accuracy and can easily be integrated into LiFi communication systems, without the need for additional installations.

Benefits for factory operator
  • More flexible and scalable supply chain

  • Increase productivity of factory

  • Same system for communication and positioning, reduced costs for installation and operation

Why Lifi?
  • No additional system needed, same system for communication and positioning

  • High precision

  • Flexible adaptation to changing environments

Technical challenges
  • Horizontal Handover

  • LOS/NLOS conditions

  • Accurate metric for precise positioning

  • Coverage provided

More use cases

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