The IoT and LiFi event took place at the Hightech Campus in Eindhoven. It was a full-day event with technical presentations by LiFi experts and a demo tour organized by Signify. Ed Huibers presented Signify’s view on LiFi as a future technology, recent products launched and trials with early customers. Volker Jungnickel (Fraunhofer HHI) presented initial developments in the ELIoT project i.e. selected use cases, new features needed therefore and planned demo scenarios. Max Riegel (Nokia) highlighted the role of standards and in particular that many important features in mobile systems are enabled by the MAC layer. A convenient approach is to integrate LiFi under an established mobile MAC layer e.g. from WiFi. Onno Janssen gave a report on recent Signify results on camera-based positioning and showed how far this technology has made it into the market. Jean-Paul Linnartz pointed out that by networking multiple optical access points, one can build a new mobile communication system integrated with lighting. Moreover, he described the challenges of LiFi and how these are addressed in practical systems. Dominic O’Brien (Uni Oxford) introduced the challenges in implementing IoT communications with light and contrasts these with conventional RF communications. Hybrid techniques that combine RF and OWC were discussed, together with novel technologies, like retro-reflecting communications and energy harvesting. Marcos Martinez (Maxlinear) presented ITU-T G.9991, the new LiFi standard. He pointed out that it needs a standard and a chipset to develop products. G.9991 is the only option to develop the LiFi market now. There are first products already. Developers should identify additional features that support promising use cases.

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