Malte Hinrichs, Benjamin Poddig, Peter Hellwig, Volker Jungnickel, “Reducing Overhead for Low-Power Optical Wireless Communications,” 48th Annual Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society (IECON),  2022

Abstract: We demonstrate on-off-keying optical wireless transmissions according to the IEEE 802.15.13 PM-PHY, in which we replace the 8b10b line-coding by guided and nonguided data scramblers and compensate the remaining highpass distortions through a frequency domain equalizer. The cyclic prefix length is identified as a critical parameter in balancing performance and transmission overhead, especially at low symbol rates. This is due to the high-pass characteristics of AC-coupled frontends causing baseline variation, effectively creating very long impulse responses. With a cyclic prefix length of 800 ns, 8b10b can be replaced by a scrambler and overhead is reduced by 50 %, while still maintaining an error-free
transmission for all symbol rates from 12.5 to 200 MBd. Accordingly, the extension of CP length options is recommended for the PM-PHY.