S. M. Kouhini, S. M. Mana, R. Freund, V. Jungnickel, C. R. B. Correa, E. Tangdiongga, T. Cunha, Xiong Deng, Jean-Paul M. G. Linnartz, “Distributed MIMO Experiment Using LiFi Over Plastic Optical Fiber”, IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), 2020

Abstract: This paper shows the feasibility of a networkedLiFi system using a distributed multiple-input multiple-output(MIMO) link for optical wireless transmission and a plasticoptical fiber (POF) link as a fixed front-haul between distributedoptical front-ends, and a centralized signal processing unit. Theconcatenation of POF and optical wireless links yields an easy-to-install all-optical LiFi system which is robust against both,blockage of individual light beams and electromagnetic interfer-ence. A significant cost-down appears by the use of colored LEDsto feed the POF link with multiple optical signals, and wavelengthdivision demultiplexing filters. The spatial crosstalk in the wire-less link and the spectral crosstalk over the POF link can bejointly compensated by the same end-to-end MIMO processing.A common signal model, which includes the combined effects ofboth links are provided to characterize the proposed all-opticalLiFi system. We report the first experimental findings whenusing space-division multiplexing (SDM), i.e., multiple POFs, andwavelength-division multiplexing (WDM), i.e., multiple colors inthe front-haul, indicating that the performance is mostly limitedby the wireless link. Moreover, we show that the positions ofmobile users in the wireless link, as well as gain variations andspectral crosstalk in the front-haul link, influence the singularvalues and the achievable data rates of the LiFi syste.