LiFi for consumer homes

Apartment buildings with many Wi-Fi networks often interfere with each other causing decreased performance for each user. In larger consumer homes it is a challenge to reach every room with a stable, high-bandwidth connection. LiFi can ease these aspect by adding high-speed hotspots at important locations, in-and around the house, like a working desk, a garden or the living room.

As a consumer LiFi product it should be cheap, easy to install and add value as an addition to existing Wi-Fi networks. ELIoT will demonstrate such a scenario with a focus on easy installation considering different technologies for its backbone and its ease of use. Additionally, the freedom of movement and added value is addressed with vertical handovers to Wi-Fi.

Benefits for consumer
  • Stable connection through the house

  • High bandwidth hotspots

  • Freedom to move around independent on carrier technology

Why Lifi?
  • No interference from others

  • Light is more appealing then radio waves

  • After installation, ease of expansion and usage

Technical challenges
  • Handovers between different carrier technologies

  • Infrastructure planning, building effort and cost

  • Aesthetic aspects of future solutions

  • Transceiver integration into devices

More use cases

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