LiFi for Fixed Wireless Access

The last 50 m of cable  linking buildings with high-speed cable or fibre connections are generally very expensive due to the required earthwork and the limited number of users sharing the connection. LiFi can ease these costs with high-speed links from the street lampposts to the building or even to several windows. In ELIoT, such links will be demonstrated showing the benefits of this approach.

Benefits for end users, building owners, Operators
  • Gigabit capable access services

  • Fast and easy installation, fast time to market

  • Lower cost compared to fixed access solutions

  • No view disturbing antennas at the house walls

Why Lifi?
  • Wireless access solution with high data rates >1-1.5G

  • Indoor Client Node with data transmission through closed window possible

  • Dedicated wireless access link capacity (no sharing)

Challenges and technical opportunities
  • Influence of weather conditions

  • Data transmission through window glass

  • Line of sight required

  • Link aggregation with RF, e.g. mmWave, 60 GHz

More use cases

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