Integration of LiFi and 5G for manufacturing halls

Industrial scenarios like manufacturing halls with lots of machines are a challenge for wireless communication systems due to the high number of devices and the possibility of electromagnetic interferences. Within ELIoT, such an environment is equipped with LiFi, to provide high-speed coverage around machines and to connect several of these LiFi islands with point-to-point connections. An important aspect of this demonstrator is the integration of 5G into the LiFi. This allows for high mobility by seamless handovers everywhere in the manufacturing hall without loss of connection.

Benefits for factory operator
  • Faster start-up for new machines, and after movement of machines

  • Faster network supply in new areas

  • Reduced costs cable installation

  • Flexibility to integrate mobile devices and handover while moving in factory

Why Lifi and 5G?
  • Flexibility in terms of installation

  • Combine two reliable communication technologies

  • Support of mobility and offloading at machines if needed

  • Increase security in comparison to WiFi (internal/external)

Technical challenges
  • Integration of LiFi into 5G Core

  • Vertical handover between LiFi and 5G

  • PtMP between LiFi APs to make it failsafe

  • Installation effort and costs in an industrial environment / no. of luminaires needed too high

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